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Moth Deterring
Carillon Rugs provides Moth Deterring treatments to help rugs stay moth freeInsect pests are an intimate part of every home. In the air, carpet or rugs, counter or cupboards, every home shares its resources with these tiny, often unseen invaders. Moths require only three things to survive and breed: food, shade, and privacy. Most moth damage to wool occurs as the item is being stored. If you begin noticing a pepper-like sandy debris on the floor you have a serious moth infestation somewhere nearby. Moth damage to wool begins without most people realizing it before it's too late. Prevention is the best method of caring for wool; however, if you already have an infestation of moths, special techniques must be employed to eradicate them.

At Carillon, we apply special solutions to help rugs stay moth free. No moth repellent is 100% dependable, so be sure to inspect your rug regularly. A mothy repellent is just a "repellent." It is not a moth "proofing" solution. Simple fresh air and movement help to deter moths.

Rug Padding
Every rug needs a rug pad! Your rugs are a substantial investment in the comfort and beauty of your home. A rug pad enhances your rugs and helps to maximize your investment. Our high quality rug pads are a wise investment. They will extend the life of your rug while promoting comfort, safety, and cleanliness in your home. A rug pad is a must for every rug in your home because:
It adds comfort with extra thick maximum cushioning.
It enhances safety by anchoring the rug to help reduce slippage; keeping you and your family safe and sound.
It protects both your rugs and your floors. It minimizes wear and tear to extend the life of a rug, even if it is placed on a hard surface such as a tiled or hardwood floor.
The rug pad is easier to keep clean!! It helps prevent damage to the rug's foundation from the unavoidable buildup of dirt in the pile, creating a little breathing space for rug fibers. The open construction allows the rug to breathe and also helps evaporate any moisture immediately.
It is equipped with premium super lock underlays which keeps your rugs smooth and flat and prevents wrinkling, buckling or slipping.
Retard soiling and help prevent staining with this 3M Company product.

Have your rug appraised by the experts at Carillon Rugs in Clearwater FloridaCarillon Floor Center offers certified appraisals on rugs for various purposes including estate sales, insurance purposes or taxes. A written insurance appraisal is of prime importance to protect your investment. Customers depend on our knowledge, expertise and experience in rendering accurate appraisals. Tyler Rice is a registered appraiser certified by the Oriental Rug Retailers of America, Inc. ("ORRA"). ORRA developed the Certified Appraiser Program. This program certifies an appraiser after an exacting examination, consisting of both written and visual identification of a wide variety of oriental rugs, both new and antique. This program has been so successful that ORRA's Certified Rug Appraisers are accepted as experts by the Banking and the Insurance industries in the U.S.A. and in Canada and by the courts of all, if not most states.

Cleaning Division MORE
Whether you have handmade or machine made Oriental rugs or other area rugs, it is important to periodically have your rugs professionally cleaned.

You should have your rugs cleaned whenever they become soiled to the eye. Never clean an oriental or area rug in your home. All rugs that can be removed should be taken out and cleaned in a professional rug washing plant where the cleaning is extremely thorough. Carillon's rug washing plant was the first in the area and continues to provide the finest in quality and service.

Special care and handling is provided with Antique, Silk, and other Specialty rugs.

Restoration Services MORE
Repair, reweave, refringe your valuable rugs.

Floorcovering Sales MORE
Complete range of floor coverings for your home and office

Rug Approval Service
To be sure that the rug you like in our showroom is the one that looks best in your home, we encourage home trials. Customers are encouraged to take the rugs they selected home for 48 hours to view them in the lighting and interior design of their home. Our professional staff will be happy to bring the rugs to your home for viewing. This is a special service unique to Carillon Floor Center.

Take the rug home and see how it looks in the lighting and with your home decorating via our unique Rug Approval Service